The Staff

Marc "Rush" Virden- Owner-CEO, producer, arranger, musician. Began playing keyboards at age 20 (It's never too late to start): Studied music theory at the Russell Williams School of Music in Decatur, Ga. with studies in gospel music, ear training and site reading: Marc played in a local band in the late 80ís and later served as musician at North Ave. Missionary Baptist Church. Marc has also served as music director for youth and young adult choir at Liberty Baptist Church and as Music Director at Rivers of Living Water Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia and Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Currently Marc is Minister of Music at New Love Tabernacle Christian Church in Lithonia, Ga., where the Reverend Roderick Perrymond, Sr. serves as Senior Pastor. Marcís work can be heard on several projects for many local artists in and around the Atlanta area including new gospel sensation Angela Dickerson, up and coming recording artist Brett Gosa, JMichael (music director at True Color Theatre), hip-hop artist Lilí Que, and many more. Marc has also worked for Atlanta Recording Studio with Mr. Harry OíBrien.


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Elderick "Uncle El" Rias- VP, producer, arranger, songwriter. Detroit native and Morris Brown Alumni began career as a rapper/songwriter at the age of 16. El has worked with several artists in the Midwest and Southeast w/assistance in songwriting and music production. Currently working in artist development and songwriting for up and coming talent.



Patricia Packwood-Smith- Executive Director of A/R and Promotions

††††† Patricia comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and a contemporary understanding of the entertainment industry. She comes from a very†††† talented family which includes a brother who is a Grammy Award winning music producer and another brother who owns and manages a sports†† management company. Pat also has many personal and professional ties in the communications and recording industries as well as local affilitations with BMI as well as other organizations within the Metro Atlanta area. Patricia is also known in and around Atlanta as Justyce from Justyce Entertainment & Mgmt.

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         Daniel Barker- V.P. of Marketing and Sales. A self-taught musician by the Holy Spirit, Daniel was never given individual lessons. He learned to play the piano by a listening ear. This former retail manager with the love for Gospel music in his heart decided that he wanted to be Gospel radio announcer as part time. With no prior experience in radio he was offered a position as a gospel DJ after only three months and became host his own radio show. Later, he began several music workshops around the city, to educate and prompt gospel music, bringing in major gospel artist such as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, the late Donald Vail and the late Thomas Whitfield.In 1986 Daniel Organized a radio station recording choir, that consist of 130 people from all over the city and he recorded their first album. Called BE STILL MY SOUL. Daniel has been a Musician for several churches in the Atlanta Area including his home church, North Ave. Missionary Church, where he has been a musician for over 30 years.Daniel has always believed that if he can help somebody as he passed this way then his living is in vain. He has also influenced and given opportunity to many beginner musicians such as Marc Virden, Eddrick Brantley and Derrick Burgess. These men have gone on, to play in other churches and have become some of the greatest musicians in Atlanta. But Daniel thanks GOD that he had a hand in developing their talent. Daniel, gives a lot of the credit to God first and his Earthly and Spiritual Father Bishop Russell Barker.This proud father of two children; Krissy Danielle Barker and Christopher Shelton Barker and One Grandson Royce, has also received numerous rewards for his works. Daniel Moto is Be careful how you treat others, you may be entertaining an angel.


Michael "Head-Hunter " Hunter- V.P. of Management. Has worked with Lonnie Ferguson at Arista Records and has worked other local artist on various studio projects as a background singer: Also has ties to Def Jams South Records, SmuveGruve Entertainment, and So-So Def Records: Currently assisting with artist development and contract negotiations with well known record labels.


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